令和酒(大瓶) 720ml 12本1ケース Reiwashu large bottle (720ml) 12 bottles 1 case

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瓶内二次発酵で醸された細かい泡と岡山白桃酵母が生み出す香り高いハーモニーをお楽しみください。1ケース 720ml 12本の販売となります。



Let's celebrate a new era Reiwa with Reiwashu sparkling sake!

Derived from an all-natural secondary fermentation by peach yeast, this special edition sparkling sake from Okayama embodies the aromatic essence of a bubbly champagne. Sell in a case, 12 large bottles.

1 bottle 1694 yen plus 8% tax is 1830 yen per bottle. 12 bottles is 21960 yen.

Shipping will start from May 1st.

(Please note that bottles do not come with Mizuhiki charm. Shipping expense cost excluded.)